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Rolex explores Explorer 214270

Because Rolex Oyster Perpetual watches had been a part of Himalayan expeditions for two decades, the brand understood what was needed in a watch dedicated to exploration and ensured that the Explorer was built to be tough enough to endure extreme conditions. The new watch, one of the pioneers in the Rolex Professional watch series, was outfitted with a rugged all-steel bracelet on its 36mm case and a novel Twinlock winding crown equipped with a double waterproofness system. On the dial of the timepiece, the large 3, 6 and 9 Arabic numerals stood out among the other hour-markers, and this has become a characteristic design element of the Explorer. Rolex Quest Explorer 214270 has a distinctive feature that deserves every owner.


Left: Everest Expedition, 1953. Right: First Rolex Explorer, 1953.

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